Four new designers to keep an eye on in New York Fashion Week 2018

Despite the fact Fashion Weeks are quite dominated by consolidated and famous designers and brands, these events are so big and covered by social and mass media that new designers involved are worthy to keep an eye on, with great talent, new ideas and hunger for success that makes them do whatever it takes, assuming risks other artist would not.

Therefore, regarding the latest New York Fashion Week celebrated just in February, we will show four designers to stand out in terms of work and innovative clothing lines, being definitely the future of Fashion Weeks in general.

New designers as the future of fashion

  • Sylvie Millstein: to begin with the most prominent designers of the New York Fashion Week, Sylvie is a French-Japanese designer who has a business in the New York region of Soho, with a current collection inspired on rococo style by Tony Duquette on his interior designer work.
  • John Elliot: John is a designer with residence in Los Angeles who is famous for being able to pull out joggers out of the gym and put them on the Street Style, by building a life style surrounded by relax and low profile clothing.


Elliot can make casual looks quite easy to create when it is not, with a current collection focused on female clothes that includes shirts with wide hoods, functional coats and cool pants.

  • Alice McCall: With Boho dresses, lace tops and jeans 70´s style are just a few examples of Alice´s clothing collection, who was born in Australia and for the first time she introduce her work in New York´s catwalks at its proper Fashion Week, after creating her brand in 2004.

At the current event in New York, McCall introduced her printing and vintage sowing that she used on modern silhouettes but elegant at the same time.

  • Moon Choi: and last but not least, with the current boost of urban style a woman like Moon Choi bets on tailoring is nothing but dauntless, now, it is also a fact that this designers is not known for her classic and executive business outfits, but she focused more on casual looks that include pants and t-shirts.


In details, Moon Choi´s work disappears the line female and male clothing, giving a slightly but recognizable twist to the notions of gender and identity, no doubt a controversial topic these days that is strangely but also captivating reflected on her clothing line.